“Just Sayin”– #Ferguson W/Davon Magwood

So okay, if you have no idea what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri I’ll catch you up. 

Michael Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson were headed to Mike’s house, they were in the street. A white male cop, slowed down and told the two boys to “Get the fuck, on the sidewalk” the boys explained that they were “not but a minute away from our destination, and we would shortly be out of the street,” Johnson said.

According to Johnson, the cop continued on his was for a few seconds then reversed towards the boys.

“We were so close, almost inches away, that when he tried to open his door aggressively, the door ricocheted both off me and Big Mike’s body and closed back on the officer,” Johnson said.

Still in his car, the officer then grabbed Brown by his neck, Johnson said. Brown tried to pull away, but the officer kept pulling Brown toward him, said Johnson.

Brown was unarmed. This is undisputed.

 Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said every casing found at the scene was from the officer’s weapon — but he said at a Sunday news conference that Brown was not an innocent victim.

“The genesis of this was a physical confrontation,” Belmar said, adding that Ferguson police asked his office to investigate the case.

Without revealing what led to the dispute, Belmar said the preliminary investigation showed that the Ferguson officer tried to exit his vehicle, but Brown pushed him back into the car,” where he physically assaulted the police officer” and struggled over the officer’s weapon, Belmar said.

**PAUSE **

Now here’s were I call bullshit. Now I can only speak for myself. In my 28 years of life, I’ve been roughed up by the police about 3 times. One time was really bad, the other time I climbed in a tree to avoid police dogs let loose at an anti Bush rally. 

Now those are the times I didn’t run, and as a black man and as a black kid I have the instinct to “RUN FROM COPS” doesn’t matter if I’m in the right, doesn’t matter if I had anything to do with what was going on. I flee. 

Why? Why Run? 

Because historically cops harmed or have tried harmed people that kind of look like me. And sorry. But, a cop having a bad day can kill a black guy and no one really gets upset, it kinda trends on twitter. But an armed militia can guard a ranch and a man breaking the law and he’s a hero and he’s invited to hang out with Governors and is a hero on Fox News. Nope, I’m not trying to be airbrush teeshirt art, and I played soccer for 12 years, I will take my chances running. 

I don’t need to bring up the civil rights movement or those over used photos or the fact that before there was the civil rights movement there were cops leading the way when it was time to lynch a darkie. What I know is that in my DNA, I prefer to not be near cops. Makes me want to vomit and gives me a slight panic attack.

I don’t think all cops are bad. But I will say it’s bullshit this kid with no violent history tried to grab a cops gun. Most harden criminals don’t reach for a cops weapon. So the idea that a 18 year old boy that was two weeks away from starting college would start his gangsta career last weekend is crazy to me.

What also seems pretty odd is that they allowed his body to just lay there for a few hours. That is some mob type shit. you know, “sending a message”

Just Sayin.

Davon Magwood


Stop with the looting shit, it makes us look bad. And trust me the media rather focus on black people acting like animals than the actual issue.


Also fellow black people stop jumping down white peoples throats for asking questions. That’s not helping people learn about whats going on. I know I know, slow learners but this is a lot to take in. We’ve lived with this shit a lot long than other people. You’ve got to be open to educating other people of what ever race if we plan on being heard.  


I woke early to post this so yeah, going to go nap


Okay, So It’s playoff time, and you know what is more distracting then fans or your wife coming to your games? Learning that the man signing your checks doesn’t really think you’re people. Yes Don Sterling the Owner of The La Clippers doesn’t like that is GF was broadcasting her “blackness”.
I am very curious to see what Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan and the rest of the player and the Clippers fan base does now.


Davon Magwood

Holy shit, Check out this music video.
At first glance this seems like an odd pair. (Actually after a couple of glances this still seems odd) BUT it’s awesome. This music video features one of my favorite rappers, Freeway and one of my favorite musicians Girl Talk as they go on a violently beautiful adventure. This is seriously the wildest shit I’ve seen, in a good way. Check it you!

Peace! Love! And Fried Chicken

I watched this video, and the whole time I yelled ” No NO NO No No nO NO FUCK YOU NO NO NO, PLEASE DON’T”
Michael Bay you are a monster like my father you have continued to let me down and ruin my dreams. Okay thanks for an April O’Neil that I can jerk it too(Kinda where’s her red hair) NO NO NO this looks awful, I will go see it, I mean I gave “The Green Lantern” a chance, but when I go, I will bring copies of the original TMNT films and I’ll hand it out to kids.