Okay, So It’s playoff time, and you know what is more distracting then fans or your wife coming to your games? Learning that the man signing your checks doesn’t really think you’re people. Yes Don Sterling the Owner of The La Clippers doesn’t like that is GF was broadcasting her “blackness”.
I am very curious to see what Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Deandre Jordan and the rest of the player and the Clippers fan base does now.


Davon Magwood

Holy shit, Check out this music video.
At first glance this seems like an odd pair. (Actually after a couple of glances this still seems odd) BUT it’s awesome. This music video features one of my favorite rappers, Freeway and one of my favorite musicians Girl Talk as they go on a violently beautiful adventure. This is seriously the wildest shit I’ve seen, in a good way. Check it you!

Peace! Love! And Fried Chicken

I watched this video, and the whole time I yelled ” No NO NO No No nO NO FUCK YOU NO NO NO, PLEASE DON’T”
Michael Bay you are a monster like my father you have continued to let me down and ruin my dreams. Okay thanks for an April O’Neil that I can jerk it too(Kinda where’s her red hair) NO NO NO this looks awful, I will go see it, I mean I gave “The Green Lantern” a chance, but when I go, I will bring copies of the original TMNT films and I’ll hand it out to kids.

‘To Those Who Would Call Me a Thug or Worse …’


A very well written and thought out response to his actions last night.

Originally posted on The MMQB with Peter King:

What a night, and what a finish.

Near midnight I still had about 70 unread text messages from friends and family, most of which read, “Best interview ever!” Many of my Twitter mentions were less supportive. My body ached. I was thrilled and proud and upset, all at once.

Here’s what happened …

I spent most of the game on an island: I was targeted only twice during the entire NFC Championship. The first produced a BS holding call against me; the second ended the game. Michael Crabtree stutter-stepped out of his break on first down and sprinted toward the end zone. I was in good position for a pick until he pushed me in the back. My interception became a tip and an interception for Malcolm Smith in the end zone.

Game over. The Seahawks are in the Super Bowl.

I ran over to Crabtree to shake his hand…

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Justin Bieber’s Friend Arrested after cocaine found in JB’s home

One person was arrested in Justin Bieber’s home after Los Angeles law enforcement executed a felony search warrant early Tuesday morning, showing up to his Calabasas, Calif., mansion with 12 detectives in about eight patrol cars.


According to TMZ, Bieber’s longtime friend rapper Lil Za was arrested for narcotics possession.

Lt. David Thompson told reporters at a press conference that cocaine was in plain view when deputies entered the home. 

The Sheriff’s Dept. was investigating if Bieber was connected to an egg-throwing incident last week that caused damage to a neighbor’s home. They obtained a felony search warrant and entered the home at about 8 a.m. PST.

Thompson said that the team did not know what they would encounter at the home.

“It’s always better to air on the side of safety,” he said. “We did contact seven or eight people in the house so I was thankful we had 12 detectives.”

The search comes just a few days after a neighbor called police claiming that the pop star pelted his home with eggs.

Thompson said they were searching for any evidence that connected Bieber to the incident.

“The houses in that neighborhood are of a quality that any damage is going to be extensive,” he said, adding that the damage to the neighbor’s property was “in the thousands.”

He said while the search was solely related to the egging, he hoped it would curb some of the pop singer’s habits.

“We hope maybe understanding the gravity of this will change some of the behavior,” Thompson said. “We hope that we can give the neighborhood the quality of life that they deserve.”

The singer has struggled to get along with his neighbors in recent months. He’s been accused of hosting all-night parties and driving like a speed demon down his residential streets. 

Social media users were quick to react to the news of Bieber’s latest troubles, with some labeling the response excessive.

“Omg a felony raid for an egg throwing incident? Wow no wonder California laid off hundreds of Officer’s. If they do felony raids on eggs imagine what they do for a homicide…” one user wrote on the FOX411 Facebook page.

Another added, “All this for a stupid egg throwing prank? I agree he’s a little over indulged punk, but wasting these police resources is outrageous!” 

Thompson defended the Sheriff Department’s decision to send so many detectives, stating that Bieber’s star status didn’t play into their choice.

“None of this has anything to do with him being a celebrity. This is a felony crime that we determined had evidence,” he said. “We would do this same level of [investigation] to anyone.”

Kanye West attacks a kid for calling Kim a N lover.

Kanye West allegedly attacked an 18-year-old man inside a Beverly Hills, Calif., chiropractor’s office after he called Kim Kardashian a “n—er lover,” reports TMZ.

According to the celebrity news site, Kardashian was hounded by photographers on her way inside the office of Dr. Richard Hill when the teen in question came to her rescue. The young man reportedly held the door open for Kardashian then called the paparazzi “fa–ot-a– n—ers.” 

Kardashian told him not to use the slurs, to which he allegedly replied, “F— you b—. Just trying to help you,” followed by “Shut up, n—er lover, stupid slut.”

The 32-year-old reality star was said to be upset by the teen’s words, and watched him walk into the building, while West arrived later. Once inside, the “New Slaves” rhymer found the youngster sitting in the doctor’s waiting room and a fight ensued.   

West punched the unnamed man while Kim is said to have yelled, “We have it all on tape,” likely regarding the racial slurs. The fight was later broken up by a massage therapist in the office, and cops were called to the scene. 

Although there are no reports of any arrests made, the teen reportedly wants to press charges.